1 Set “DAB Wax Tin,5ml Silicone Container Jars Wax Dabber Spoon


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4 in 1 Container Stainless Steel Tin with Tool
Non-Stick 2x5ml Silicone Jars Wax   
High Quality – All In One WAX DAB non-stick silicone dab container.
FDA- Approved – 100% Food Grade Silicone, BPA FREE. 
ALL IN ONE – 2 (5ml) Silicone Jars, Stainless Steel Dab Tool, Silicone Tray, Discrete Aluminum Container.  
Many Uses – Use with wax, dab, oil, shatter, cosmetics, paint and much more.
Dab Wax Tool Kit – 1 Kit ,includes 1 Tin Carrying Case, 2-5ML jars, 1 Small Metal Dab Tool,1  4 in 1 silicone container holder.
This Dab Kit is all any Dabber needs
Discrete Tin cases are beautiful and durable
Nice silicone cases allow for no mess spills and easy clean up with no wasted content.