600 x Red Slim Ranch Filter Tips Tobacco Cigarette Rolling Paper + 600 Tally Ho Papers


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When it comes to choosing your rolling paper for your cigarettes, stop at Tally ho papers. With over 60 years spent in fine-tuning and producing the best quality paper, it works like a charm every time you roll with it. Employing precision and hard work, every pack of rolling paper has been made with care in mind and any avid smoker will vouch for its authenticity.

Smoking is an act of leisure and we need breaks to catch up on life. Tally ho ensures that every time you roll with their paper, you truly relax and get to unwind, even if for a little while. This is only possible when you smoke without having to worry about the quality, which happens every time you choose to opt for Tally ho papers. This smart pack consists of 600 cigarette rolling papers, 600 Red Slim Ranch filters and a disposable lighter for free!