700 Ventti Earth Biodegradable Super Slim Filters filter tips cigarette rolling


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Generally, cigarette filters are made out of plastic, a synthetic fibre known as Cellulose Acetate which takes more than a decade to break down, and is a terrible thing for the environment and marine animals. Discarded cigarette filters contribute to about 38% of ocean plastic waste, releasing harmful toxins in the water, for instance, arsenic. They also end up in the stomachs of various birds, fish, whales and others who often mistake them for food. More than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are found in the environment every year and they are also the most littered item –  quite frankly, the numbers are staggeringly bad.


Ventti Earth Biodegradable Super Slim Filters are environmentally conscious and caring towards the planet. These Ventti filters degrade 3 times faster than normal filters which have cellulose acetate. If you haven’t made the switch yet, the time is now. This pack contains 5 boxes of 140 each.