Brass Smokeless Pipe Sml 6.5cm


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When you are looking for a device that can effectively get you high yet is discreet, this smokeless pipe is for you. Different people want different things from their smoking equipment and often it is about minimal visibility without any compromise in taste. True to its style, this smoke pipe has a simple design, but don’t be fooled by it; it is small but it is efficient.

 Measuring 6.5 cm, it has the classic features of a smokeless pipe – the barrel and the stem and they screw neatly into each other. Once you light at the barrel end, all the smoke that gets generated stays inside the pipe, leaving you absolutely mess-free and even detection free! Owing to its size, you will have no difficulty at all taking it anywhere you want to. The smooth and sophisticated sheen of the brass shines through as well, making it a cool little thing to own.


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