It is illegal to sell tobacco products to a person under 18 and it is illegal to purchase a tobacco product for use by a person under 18

Curved S Pipe – 14mm insert

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Curved S Pipe adapter 9cm with 14mm stem to fit a 14mm glass slider

This dry pipe is a classic, simple in nature. Its body typically has a tubular, basic structure with a bowl one end and a hole on the other through which smoke is inhaled. Its simplicity makes it great for use with newbies, who are getting to know how to smoke using equipment. It is a straightforward piece that is without any frills and sticks to business. It can be used as a sweet puff pipe as well.


The raw, unfiltered smoke that this pipe produces and the very short distance that it has to travel to the mouth make this pipe an easy winner. It also comes with other perks – super portable, take it anywhere without a glitch, easy to keep clean – you don’t have to spend hours to clean it. It can also be used with a bubbler as an added piece for convenient use.


Using tobacco products has been linked to a variety of illnesses, including:

  • lung cancer
  • throat cancer
  • pancreatic cancer
  • stomach cancer
  • kidney and bladder cancers
  • acute chest illnesses and diseases
  • chronic chest illnesses and diseases
  • lung illnesses and diseases
  • stomach ulcers.

Women who use tobacco products during pregnancy expose their children to the risk of serious respiratory illnesses. Non-users, particularly children, can also suffer serious illness if they are exposed to second-hand smoke. Children exposed to second-hand smoke also have an increased risk of these illnesses, including:

  • reduced lung function, especially for infants
  • an increase in lower respiratory tract infections during infancy
  • impaired lung growth
  • the risk of developing more serious respiratory diseases in later life.