iPhone style Pocket scales Digital Jewellery Gem scale 500gm/0.1gm


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500g/0.1g Pocket scale Digital Jewelry Gem scale iPhone style 500gm/0.1gm 500g/0.01g Pocket scale Digital Jewellery Gem scale iPhone style

One compact digital pocket scale with a capacity of 500g and an accuracy of +/-0.1g.

Unique design with a close resemblance of an iPhone.

This sleek pocket scale supports most weight units, tare weighing, auto power-off, and easy calibration.

It features a large stainless steel platform and a clear LCD display with blue back-light.

Shipped in retail packaging.

Complete User’s manual and one quality Panasonic 3V Lithium battery are also included.

This digital scale is perfect for weighing anything from jewelry to precise food portions.

Extremely Light Weight and fashionable at the same time the digital iPhone scale is the most portable digital scale on the market.

Features: 1. Accuracy +- (0.2%+LSD)

2. Capacity 500g

3. Readability 0.1g

4. Tare weighing (“Tare” and wait “0.0”is displayed for net-weight item)

5. Stability Indicator-“o” should appear in the top left corner to indicate the scale is stable.

6. Operating mode : G/OZ/OZT/DWT/CT( gram, carat, grain, ounce etc.)

7. LCD display : 12mm ( 0.4″ ) with Blue Blacklight

8. Perfect for measuring : jewellery and gems precious metals coins

9. Dimension: 88mm*99mm*19mm Stainless steel pan:

7.3*6.4cm Weight: 120g

10. Powered : 3v ( 1X CR2032 batteries )

11. Supplied with : Instruction manual, 1x CR2032 Batteries.


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