Large Glass Cone Piece x 5


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 Simply put, a cone piece is commonly used for smoking mixes of tobacco and marijuana. Fun times!  In focus right now is this cool glass cone piece with a large build, allowing you to put quite an amount to light up! A tidy little piece, it can be used by anybody – the novice and the experienced. Use it solo or share it with your friends, it is easy to move it around.

 It has a classic, easy design that just works. Glass makes it supe easy for you to check for gunk accumulation and clean it out as required. Low maintenance – now, who does not like that? The thickness of the glass is just right where it is both durable and not too heavy. When you want to shake things up a little, just grab this cone and hit your bong, and we both know it will end happily. To good times! 

Contains 5 pieces