Magic Water Pipe Bong Peace


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There is a reason why glass bongs are so popular – glass is unquestionably one of the best materials for smoking as it never tampers with the taste, and ensures that you get smooth, silky hits. If you are looking for the same, try this Magic water pipe bong that is sure to make you happy.

 With a no-frills approach to design, great care has gone into making this a potent device. At an approximately 20.5 cm of height, it has a medium build and is solidly based, making it quite sturdy. Imagining yourself smoking blissfully is easy with this one. Additionally, it comes with a peace sticker on the tube, and without any shade of doubt, we can all admit that we need more peace today in our world. Everything about this bong speaks simplicity and functionality, and it will live up to that expectation, every time. Give it a try.