MAXMAN Capsules Sex medicine for Men Enhance Improve Sex Life


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MAXMAN V sex medicine for men

Description: the products are so far the most effective and strongest sexual health care products for men in the word, which can quickly enhance and prospermia, improve sexual life quickly, quickly solve the problem that men can hardly tell.

Main Ingredients:
Caterpillar fungus, acanthopanax, epimedium, wolfberry fruit,ginseng,saffron,Tianshan snow-lotus, seed of Chinese dodder.

Application people: short of penis, impotence and lack of sperm, weak health and adynamia, soreness of the waist and knees, dim eyesight and tinnitus, neurasthenia and listlessness frequent micturition and urgent micturition, premature ejaculation, sexual disorder, prostatitis and so on caused by deficiency of the kidney.

Specification: 6800mg*8 pills

Guarantee period: three years

Usage: 30 minutes before intercourse by taking one capsule


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