Micro Glass Bong 10cm


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This beauty is a collector’s delight! If you are a minimalist smoker, you will love it. This micro glass bong is a powerful device that will provide you with pleasant and satisfactory hits. Its portability is another marvel – you can carry it over to your friend’s pad, and bring it back – all without a fuss.

The glass ensures that your smokes remain unaltered and you get the most clean hits ever. It gives a clutter-free experience that really works well with people who do not prefer the larger, more complicated equipment, and like to keep it simple. Its size also offers the easiness of cleaning, a factor that is often important for a smoker. At 10 cm, it might look harmless but it packs a punch – it is right when someone said, looks can be deceiving. Prepare to welcome blissful times ahead, you with your favourite marijuana strain and your favourite bong together, hail micro!