NEW Polaris Vaporizer-Vape-Pen Mini Coil Coils 5 pack


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Who doesn’t love a vape pen? I do! It is instantly stylish, and is a perfect companion if you are the subtle type. Meet this Trio vape men that is designed to give you an unforgettable smoking experience. Vape pens earn this name for their compact design that sharply resembles a standard pen. Having two pieces to its structure – battery and cartridge, it is a skilful little device that knows what it has to do.
Its small build makes it discreet, which is often a preference for many. The battery capacity and type are perfect for long-time use, keeping in mind important factors like heat-up time. This vape pen looks the part and acts the part too – there is no going wrong. It is a modern device that caters to your needs, wherever you prefer it to be. You seriously can’t beat the usefulness of this vape pen. Go vape!
Contains Trio vape pen x 5 mini coils


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