Parimal VEDANTA Incense Dhoop Cones 10 cones x 12 packets Fragrance Aroma Odours


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Parimal “Vedanta” Natural Incense Dhoop Cones (12 Packs)
10 Cones per Packet

In a country that is the home of many Gods, often we embark on a journey to their doorsteps. We travel across lands, our hearts filled with faith and souls brimming with devotion. We endure difficult Yatras to catch one beautiful glimpse of the almighty. To bow before god and ask for blessing.

Begin your spiritual Pilgrimage with Vedanta incense. They are made from rich natural ingredients. Then they are mixed and blended with pure natural fragrance oils which will calm the impetuous mind, relieve the fatigued body and stir the soul. Invoke the supreme forces with its stirring fragrance. Appease the Lord. Make every wish come true.