It is illegal to sell tobacco products to a person under 18 and it is illegal to purchase a tobacco product for use by a person under 18

Prime Bong Primebeug Yellow


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All-glass Prime style bong.

Fixed downstem.

14mm machined and anodised metal cone piece.

Metal on glass forms an airtight seal.

Can be swapped out with other Gatorbeug brand glass bowls.

All styles have a transparent base.

Welcome, fight fans, to the electrifying world of the PRIME BEUG! Here at the UFC, we unveil a spectacle inspired by the legendary PRIME sports drink. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience that combines the intensity of combat with mystical powers.

As the fighters take their first draw, a surge of energy courses through their veins, igniting a fire within. The PRIME BEUG transforms the octagon into a realm where extraordinary abilities come to life. With each strike, they tap into a supernatural force that amplifies their speed, strength, and resilience.

We’re leading by example to help shift the way glass products are stored and packaged.¬†This is the first of many style which comes in a custom fitted, recyclable box. We’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint by transitioning away from foams and bubble wraps which all too often end up in landfill.


Using tobacco products has been linked to a variety of illnesses, including:

  • lung cancer
  • throat cancer
  • pancreatic cancer
  • stomach cancer
  • kidney and bladder cancers
  • acute chest illnesses and diseases
  • chronic chest illnesses and diseases
  • lung illnesses and diseases
  • stomach ulcers.

Women who use tobacco products during pregnancy expose their children to the risk of serious respiratory illnesses. Non-users, particularly children, can also suffer serious illness if they are exposed to second-hand smoke. Children exposed to second-hand smoke also have an increased risk of these illnesses, including:

  • reduced lung function, especially for infants
  • an increase in lower respiratory tract infections during infancy
  • impaired lung growth
  • the risk of developing more serious respiratory diseases in later life.