Small Bonza Brass Bucket Cone Piece


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For the ones who like to spice things up a bit, this equipment here should be your go-to every time. The highly functional Small Bonza Brass Bucket Cone Piece has the perfect depth for a strong, potent hit. For the uninitiated, a cone piece is typically used to smoke mixes of ground marijuana and tobacco. It is fitted into the stem of a bong.

This clever little cone piece is as popular with beginners as with long-time users. The classically designed cone piece is very handy when you don’t want to limit your smoking to only one bong. More options is always a good idea! Made of beautiful, smooth brass, it has a sheen that is subtle yet pronounced. Each piece is 16 mm across the top, with a height of 11 mm and a flat bottom. All things considered, it is not a surprise that this cone is super popular. 

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