Snuff Bullet Glass Rocket Powder Dispenser Snorter Snuffer tube vial LONG TALL


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Snuff news alert! Have you been looking for a snuff powder dispenser but nothing   really stood out? Well, your search is over. This snuff bullet glass dispenser is the perfect dispenser that you can carry around with pride. A first look and you are instantly hooked. It is quirky, colourful and can be easily put away in one of your pockets.

Longer Glass allows to carry more.

 It has a bullet glass cap that can be twisted to open up the vial.  Do not worry about spills, as the whole device comes with a spill-proof seal that keeps all of your snuff powder safe. Even though it is pretty, do not mistake that it is not robust, because it is. The colour of the glass will be either brown or clear with variant colours available for the lid – blue, red, green and black which will be selected at random when you order.