Soex Coco-Lite Coconut Charcoal Cubes 500g 36pcs Tablets Sisha Hookah


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Coco – Lite Coconut Charcol Cubes 500g 36pcs

Coco-lite charcoal  is made from coconut shell for a long lasting burn time.

No trees were cut down to produce coco-lite coconut charcoal

100% Natural

Made to enhance your experience.

Burns 3 times longer than any other charcoal

Doesn’t Produce any sparks while burning It sets ablaze quickly without smoke and odour and burns from all sides slowly and evenly.

Just light a tablet and ignite the pleasure of effortless Hookah smoking

INFO (CAUTION)  -charcoal tablets burn hot!

Never hold a tablet in your hand when you are lighting it and never touch a tablet when it is burning.

Burn in an appropriate heat-proof container.

Allow to cool completely before disposing of ash.

PLEASE NOTE: 2 packets of 250g will be sent