Stone Age Neolithic Waterpipe Glass Bong 26cm Hookah Water Pipe


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If you love your smoking, you will appreciate the simple sophistication of this uber-cool Stone Age Neolithic Water Pipe Glass Bong. Instantly eye-grabbing, this beauty of a bong comes with some rock solid features but before we get into that, let’s give this stone age bong a closer look first – it is made of Pyrex glass, with a 5 mm thickness that gives it stability and durability. While it is always advisable to be gentle with all of your smoking devices, this one can handle a few jerks and is the sturdy kind.

Typical to a glass bong, it expands your smoking experience and makes it that much smoother. Its classic structure is a nod to the Neolithic Ages, when designs were simple and effective. Also, the perks of having a glass bong is to enjoy the fruits of the cleanest and purest taste, as glass, as a rule does not alter the taste of smoke. Easy to clean, beautiful to look at with the most untainted flavour – this bong checks all boxes.