Tally Ho Australia’s Finest Tobacco Cigarette Rolling Papers 50 Leaves x 2 packs


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The history of rolling papers is rather old; man has been smoking with it for centuries now. It goes way back to 600 AD, where a painting of that era depicted a Mayan smoking a roll made of tobacco leaves. The satisfaction and enjoyment of smoking with rolling papers is one of a kind. This obviously demands that you smoke with the best paper that there is – life is too short for poor quality rolling papers, after all.


Tally ho papers never disappoint in quality – hailed as an Australian favourite, it truly delivers. With over 60 years of experience in producing the best paper for smoking, its quality is unparalleled; it is every bit deserving of the popularity it has garnered. Thin and lightweight, it enhances your smoking experience, which is why it is Australia’s Finest too. Containing two 50-leaves packs, the excellent Tally ho papers are all set to give you the best smoking experience there is.