The Original Honey Bee Extractor


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The Original Honey Bee Extractor

Honey Bee Original Extractor. Simply place your weed inside and extract some of the purest resin you’ve ever seen.

This extraction tube needs butane gas to work properly. Thanks to the innovative nature of stoners and recent investigations into THC and trichomes, many brands have begun creating their own systems for extracting resin and trichomes – we cannot stress how important it is to follow safety precautions when doing this, as butane gas is involved.

The Honey Bee is a known system used to extract resin from your cannabis plants. It’s quite a simple and efficient method, as well as incredibly affordable. You’ll be surprised by the professional results that this extractor can produce.

Size: 14cm tall, 4.5cm wide.

ATTENTION: Make sure to do the extraction process in an airy, ventilated area. This process can be incredibly dangerous and bad for your health if you breathe in the gas which is also incredibly flammable. Take extreme caution.


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